What do the different Categories of Support mean?

Discover what is the concept of each category



Its objective is to respond to requests for urgent assistance presented by human rights defenders, activists, defenders of the land, the environment and the territory and their organizations, due to their work on human rights. These are typically small, short-term grants to cover medical expenses, legal representation, prison visits, trial supervision, temporary relocation, physical and digital security, equipment replacements, and other emergency expenses.




Its objective is to respond to requests for assistance presented by human rights defenders, activists, defenders of the land, the environment and the territory and their organizations, due to their work on human rights. These are typically small to medium-term grants to cover advocacy and campaigns, workforce, physical and digital security, communications, capacity building and training, legal advice and representation, strategic litigation, equipment and other necessary expenses.



Activities aimed at influencing public policies or regulations, including the adoption of standards, special measures and budget allocation, in relation to the protection of the environment and human rights.

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Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

Support that provides tools through workshops or accompaniment, around a specific topic, which allows people, organizations or communities to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop a task, or improve their capacities around their work in defense of rights humans and the environment.

Icono Fortalecimiento de capacidades y asistencia técnicaHigh



Support in activities around the dissemination of information.

Icono ComunicacionesHigh


Development of activities aimed at defending the environment

Regarding the environment, they are those measures taken to protect it from and / or restore it after its degradation due to pressures caused by human activities.

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Digital Security

Protection of files and information stored on digital media, such as computers and cell phones.

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Emergency Grants

Financial aid for cases in which the defender is in a situation of imminent risk, that is, if his life, integrity or that of his family or community is not attended to as soon as possible, they would be in danger.

Icono Subvenciones de Emergencia


Grants and Financial Aid

Support in monetary terms.

Icono Subvenciones Ayuda Económica


Humanitarian Aid

Assistance designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity, in prevention or in situations of humanitarian crises, including natural disasters or armed conflicts.

Icono Ayuda HumanitariaHigh


Information Gathering and Reporting

Collection and publication of figures on attacks perpetrated against defenders, including but not limited to numbers of murders. It also includes gathering information on the environmental crisis and the needs of defenders.

Icono recopilacion y reporte de informacion



Compilation of information on the situation of defenders, in order to make it visible. It includes research on public policies, cases of attacks, information on types of support, factors behind the crisis, deterioration and conservation of the environment, among others.

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Legal Assistance

Support in terms of legal advice and / or accompaniment in response to the legal needs of a person, including, without limitation, cases of lawsuits against defenders, or filed by defenders against companies or other actors, as well as cases of prosecution and criminalization.

Icono Asistencia LegalHigh


Livelihoods and Productive Projects

Economic and in-kind support for the development of projects and activities necessary for the maintenance of defenders, their families and communities, in order to provide a dignified life.

Icono Medios de Vida y proyectos productivos



Cooperation with, or joint support from, various organizations.

Icono Trabajo en Red



Planning of measures that prevent the occurrence of risks and attacks.

Icono Prevención de riesgos


Protection Strategies

Mechanisms and strategies that seek to ensure the security and physical and emotional integrity of a person or a group, in the face of threats or attacks or in a context of risk.

Icono Estrategias de ProteccionHigh


Psychosocial Support

Exposure to extreme stressors (such as threats, attacks, stigmatization, criminalization, etc.) generates emotional and psychological consequences that affect the well-being and mental health of defenders of the environment, land and territory. Psychosocial support seeks to address these emotional and psychological needs either individually or collectively.



Support in economic and logistical terms to settle in a safe place, different from the one in which the defender is at the moment.

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